Work in Progress


Religion, Public Preferences, and State-Society Relations: Middle East and North Africa in Comparative Perspective, with F. Michael Wuthrich, Ammar Shamaileh, UNDER CONTRACT at Indiana University Pres .

Islam, Justice, and Democracy: Lineages of Justice and Muslim Political Attitudes, Under Review at Temple University Press, Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics Series.

 Revise & Resubmit and Under Review

Devotion at Sub-national Level: Ramadan, Nighttime Lights, and Religiosity in Egyptian Governorates (With M. Robbins and S. Zaytseva), Revise & Resubmit.

How Cultural Beliefs About A Women’s Role Shape Women’s Civic Engagement (with Ethan Bernick and Chardie Baird) under review.

Soft Power, Domestic Dividends, and Turkish Foreign Policy: The Case of Palestine, Book chapter for an edited volume on Turkish Foreign Policy, Under Contract

Other Work in Progress

Human Development, Quality of Government, and Political Trust in the Middle East in progress Regional Favoritism, Human Development, and Democracy: Evidence from the Turkish Provinces, in progress

State Building, War, and Representation: Evidence from the Turkish Parliament in progress.

Hate Groups, Anti-Sharia Legislation, and Islamophobia: The Economic and Social Roots of Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the American South in progress

On Social Conformity, Extremist Preferences, and Democratic Discontent: A global empirical investigation (with Ammar Shamaileh) in progress.